Hello Everyone! We are looking forward to seeing all of you this Summer! We want to let our guests know in advance some of the practices we are implementing within our facility for the 2020 season with COVID.

*There will not be as many picnic tables available this season. We will have about 1/2 our normal amount. All picnic tables are a minimum of 12’ apart. This is in order to keep more space between families/groups. You cannot move tables. As always, feel free to bring your beach chairs and blankets!

*We will be visually monitoring the parks capacity each day in order to maintain adequate space for guests. We do not take reservations or sell any advanced admission. Our capacity is filled once our first parking lot is full. In the instance that this capacity is reached, the park will stop admitting guests for the remainder of the day.

*Masks are encouraged when social distancing is not possible. Please be respectful of the people around you, and use proper social distancing measures by remaining 6 feet away from others.

*There will be several hand sanitizing stations located throughout the grounds.

*Our bathroom and changing room cleaning policy will remain the same. Both are cleaned and wiped down with bleach often throughout the day.

*The lines for our 3 waterslides will go down to 1 line to allow more space in the walkway and at the top. All 3 slides will be open. You will see orange cones throughout the slide line. They are 10 feet apart. You will stand at a cone with your friends/family and move up accordingly.

*Our snack bar will be fully functioning. As always, you are welcome to bring your own food as well! Please remember, we do not allow charcoal grills. You are welcome to bring your own GAS grill. Grills must be up on a table if you are using a small table top grill. You can also bring your own small table to put it on. You cannot put them on the ground. We appreciate all of you, and ask for your grace as we navigate this Summer.

Thank you so much!

We are now closed for the season.  Thank you for visiting this summer!
We appreciate you all so much 😊