Employment Opportunities at Breezy Picnic Grounds Waterslides

Breezy Picnic Grounds Waterslides is a great place to work this summer!

We offer a variety of positions, including lifeguards, ride attendants, snack bar, parking / cleanup.
Full-time and some part-time positions available.
Must be 16 years or older prior to June 1st in order to work on waterslides or as a lifeguard.
Lifeguards must have current certification in Lifeguarding, CPR, and First Aid.

Please print and complete our employment application and mail it to us or send it by email to breezy.summer@icloud.com.

Please note that due to a weather related incident, we will be operating with 2 slides instead of 3. We are working to resolve the issue ASAP! Hope to see you all!